About Me

Jonathan Adam Smith

Born and raised in northeast Pennsylvania. Went to Portfolio Center in ATL. Phillies & Penguins fan. Got 2 dogs, 1 wife (Erin), and 1 son. Decent golfer, better fisherman. Enjoy cutting my lawn on a diagonal. Love traveling & the outdoors.


“Jonathan demonstrates an exceptional command of the creative process. His holistic approach to art direction allows him to understand and interpret even the most complex of problems. His work embodies an approach that values learning and communication on a daily basis. He always asks questions, seeks input from all departments, and is always available to give feedback or critique. He is the definition of the idea that the best work comes from collaboration, not competition. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Jonathan.”
Annette Neu, Peter Mayer • New Orleans

“Jonathan is a pleasure to work with and around. He is quick-witted, sharp-minded, soft-spoken, lighthearted, and big-thinking. A very well-hyphenated fellow… I’d recommend Jonathan to anyone who needed insightful work or insightful feedback — both of which make him invaluable in today’s communication industry.”
Erin O’Connor, The Richards Group • Dallas